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The Shop-a-Rama Family markets unique T-shirts and gifts for 1001 occasions. Creative individuals come together in the Shop-a-Rama Family to express every whim and fantasy through print-on-demand technology powered by Cafepress.

Shop-a-Rama Family Websites

1001 Geek T-shirts & Nerdy Gifts 1001 Groovy Gay T-shirts & Gifts
1001 Animal Welfare | Animal Art Gifts 1001 All American Tees
101 Hillary Clinton T-shirts, Buttons, Stickers 101 Barack Obama T-shirts, Buttons & Stickers
101 Really Retro T-shirts 101 Canadian / Canadienne T-shirts
101 Truly Weird T-Shirts 101 Good Girl / Bad Girl T-shirts
101 Tropical Tiki Chic T-shirts 101 Good Boy / Bad Boy T-shirts
101 Prophetic T-shirts 101 Whiny Emo Kid T-shirts

BDO's Shop-a-Rama Family™ is a network of web sites that pair affiliate marketing down to the essentials. Shop-a-Rama Family sites focus entirely on the sale of products designed by the community. We believe that purchase decisions at Cafepress are almost entirely based on the design/image displayed on the product under consideration. While text rules the SERPs, design determines he CTR. Our goal: move potential buyers on to the Cafepress website.

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Attention current Cafepress shopkeepers: Join the Shop-a-Rama Family

Since January, 2006, Shop-a-Rama Family image links have driven sales to more than 750 individual Cafepress shops. We want to get buyers into your shop immediately without stopping over in the CP Marketplace. All Shop-a-Rama Family websites focus on links that take potential buyers to individual shops directly. Your design is the focus, no reading beyond a keyword rich, but minimal image title. The Shop-a-Rama Family links directly to the individual Cafepress Shops, NOT TO THE CP MARKETPLACE, providing maximum promotional benefit to the shop owner and the shop's entire range of products.

Our list of topically coherent sites is updated often. Currently Cafepress shopkeepers may advertise their products in the following categories: Into political t-shirts to support your favorite candidate? join either our Hillary Clinton for President page or our Barack Obama T-shirts & Souvenirs site. If patriotic t-shirts are your thing, join our 1001 All American Tees. Animal art on T-shirts is always popular and very competitive. Why not participate in the Shop-a-Rama Family's 1001 Animal Welfare T-shirts | Animal Welfare Gifts web site. Perhaps your erudite talents lead toward a more intellectual bent -- OK -- come join our Geek T-shirts and Nerdy Gifts page. It is very popular and successful, driving hundreds of buyers with a selection of smart, often sardonic t-shirt designs Another very popular site serves the emo community — that's either a euphemism or an oxymoron — but if you do Emo T-shirts, 101 Whiny Emo Kid T-shirts is the place to be. From retro tropical tiki chic T-shirts to the very special and truly weird gifts, from bad boys to good girls, the Shop-a-Rama Family organizes ironic, sarcastic and sardonic t-shirts and unique gift ideas into unusual and entertaining web sites that attract highly targeted traffic that clicks through to individual CP shops over 50% of the time. It's hard to beat.


Join the Shop-a-Rama Family and promote your shop. Visit Services for Cafepress Shopkeepers.


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