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Search Engine Optimization for Very Small Business

If you think of your web site as a continuous and constant headache, let BDO relieve that pain. Independent residential contractors, handy folk, craftspeople and other sole proprietors have an awful lot on their plates. The 24 hour limit imposed on the length of a day is the problem. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to keep up with the latest in online marketing, web design and search engine optimization. No matter how small, every business needs a web presence. Each web site should be an effective marketing tool, projecting a confident, positive image, communicating the talents, skills, drive, reliability and competence of the business owner and her/his team. For very small businesses, a good web site can help project a personality, kind of an old fashioned marketing concept, but one that can clearly distinguish a sole proprietor from massive impersonal competitors.

BDO can help the smallest businesses accomplish their online marketing goals while keeping the cost of effective online marketing under control. An effective website should be attractive, clear and direct, fast and focused. Effective websites provide potential customers with the information they need to make a buying decision. Effective websites first take advantage of every opportunity for free marketing on the Internet. Every word, every image, every design decision must help move the site up the list in search engine results. BDO can improve your website's placement in search engine results and increase your revenue.

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