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The BabyDave Organization offers web design services to very small businesses, creative individuals, craftspeople, contractors and collectors. BDO is a very small business itself, operating as a sole proprietorship, calling upon a tight network of skilled partners when special expertise is required and learning new skills as we grow. We understand the limitations imposed by the 24 hour day. BDO can help when your time or personal knowledge reaches its limit.

The Internet allows even the smallest business to compete, to a degree, on a world wide basis. What distinguishes an individual craftsperson from the sometimes hugely bigger competitor is the personal touch. The personal relationship, community connection, neighborhood feeling can be communicated through your web presence. BDO believes that very small business is well served by balancing clean contemporary web design with warm graphics and personalized text. Use your web pages to communicate your personality and values, the quality and reliability of your skills and service and make your presence on the Web an authentic and effective tool for marketing your very small business.

BDO Web Design Portfolio

iDance, The Dancers Gift Shop

iDance | The Dancers Gifts Shop is an affiliate marketing website designed and managed by The Baby Dave Organization. It is currently under construction. iDance | The Dancers Gift Shop contains a dance news blog and a growing gift shop featuring a variety of retailers affiliated through both Commission Junction and Linkshare.



Web Site of Tonald Tierney, Author is the personal website of mystery writer Ronald Tierney. Designed and maintained b BDO, this second edition was created in 2006 to replace the original BDO design from 2004. The site will undergo a third redesign in early 2008 to expand its scope. The additions will make some of Tierney's writings available online for the first time.



Shinichi Matsumoto's Tap Wonderland

Shinichi Matsumoto's Tap Wonderland is a personal collector's website, featuring an online exhibition of the tap dance related collectibles of Dancer/Choreographer, Shinichi Matsumoto of Tokyo. The third design for this website is being implemented at the end of 2007. BDO worked with Mr. Matsumoto to translate and recreate his popular Japanese language website and bring it to the attention of the larger community of tap dancers around the world.


The Boomerville Shop-a-Rama

The Boomerville Shop-a-Rama is one of BDO's own online retail websites. Featuring gift items designed by BDO, this site has been designed using modified templates supplied by Cafepress the site's host and print on demand fulfillment agent. Site copy is by BDO with special attention paid to keyword density within product descriptions to gain maximum benefit from natural search results.



Tee Dance Gifts for Dancers

Tee Dance is the second of BDO's own online retail websites. Tee Dance features T-shirts and gift items for dancers, each designed by BDO. This site has been designed uses modified templates supplied by Cafepress the site's host and print on demand fulfillment agent.



101 Tropical Tiki Chic T-shirts

101 Tropical Tiki Chic T-shirts is one of a series of one page mini websites that when combined, make up The Shop-a-Rama Family™. Each page features a maximum of 101 affiliate image links leading directly to individual shops managed by various members of the Cafepress design community and offering those members an opportunity to promote their shops outside the often unwieldy Cafepress marketplace. BDO focuses buyer attention entirely on the designers image for a quick fun click through.


Animal Art T-shirts & Gifts | 1001 Gifts Ideas for Pet Owners

Animal Art T-shirts & Gifts | 1001 Gifts Ideas for Pet Owners is 1 of 4 unusual single page retail shopping sites featuring up to 1001 t-shirt and gift item designs form the creative members of the Cafepress community. Inspired by the short lived fad of pixel advertising and the One Million Dollar Homepage, The Shop-a-Rama Family's series of 1001 T-shirts pages offers a fun set of 1001 doorways into the vast market of Each image link is given maximum SEO treatment and leads directly to an individual Cafepress shop. The individual shopkeeper is given first opportunity to convert the visiting buyer before they return to the Family or move on to explore Cafepress on their own carrying the Family's affiliate cookie, of course.

The growing list of Shop-a-Rama Family retail mini sites is always being updated.

1001 Geek T-shirts & Nerdy Gifts 1001 Groovy Gay T-shirts & Gifts
Animal Art T-shirts & Gifts | 1001 Gifts Ideas for Pet Owners 1001 All American Tees
101 Al Gore T-shirts, Stickers, Buttons 101 Giuliani T-shirts, Stickers, Buttons
101 Hillary Clinton T-shirts, Buttons, Stickers 101 Barack Obama T-shirts, Buttons & Stickers
101 Really Retro T-shirts 101 Canadian / Canadienne T-shirts
101 Truly Weird T-Shirts 101 Good Girl / Bad Girl T-shirts
101 Tropical Tiki Chic T-shirts 101 Good Boy / Bad Boy T-shirts
101 Prophetic T-shirts 101 Whiny Emo Kid T-shirts


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