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Turn your small business web site into an effective marketing tool.

The independent contractor, the sole proprietor, authors, artists, craftspeople — members of a special club with one thing in common, that DBA. Those “doing business alone” learn soon enough how many little details get between us and the freedom, independence and sense of control that is supposed to follow when we establish our own business and say farewell to corporate constraints.

In the new world of self-reliance, one task that's a must is creating that presence on the Web. Whether you're a struggling artist or author, trying to reap the reward of world wide popularity, or an electrical contractor facing a crowded local marketplace, your web presence plays a significant role when planning how to market your new enterprise. As a sole proprietor or independent craft worker you have the skills that others need. At The BabyDave Organization, we don't write novels, or install new wiring or make jewelry, but we can build your online presence. We can improve the look and feel of that website you struggled to create a few years back and we can improve the effectiveness of a well-designed web site.

BDO offers web site construction, SEO consultation, marketing and copy writing services to individual entrepreneurs, craftspeople and sole proprietors to improve online performance and presence. BDO partners with businesses on limited budgets, to create or improve web sites, upgrade content for more effective marketing and increase awareness of your business within your chosen marketplace.

Concentrate on what you do best. Contact BDO for a proposal to address the effectiveness of your web site.

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